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XlOpenport vector library

Hi, I am writing a driver for vector xl Hardware interfaces, the h/w type is XL_HWTYPE_VN1630. I have got succesful status for these interfaces.


But when I tried to open port using xlOpenPort interface, I am getting porthandle as a invalid port.and one more very strange thing is happend that sometimes its giving valid port and sometime not. I am not understanding why this type of thing is happening. below is my code:


   XLstatus         xlStatus = XL_ERROR;

   XLaccess         m_xlChannelMask_both;

  XLaccess         xlPermissionMask;

  char             tmp[100];


m_xlChannelMask_both = m_xlChannelMask[MASTER] | m_xlChannelMask[SLAVE];

xlPermissionMask = m_xlChannelMask_both;

xlStatus = xlOpenPort(&m_xlPortHandle, "LIN", m_xlChannelMask_both, &xlPermissionMask, 256, XL_INTERFACE_VERSION,XL_BUS_TYPE_LIN);



if (m_xlPortHandle == XL_INVALID_PORTHANDLE)



  return XL_ERROR;



Please suggest where I have to look for the these error.It will be great help.

Thanks in advance

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