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Windows LTSC and LabWindows - any issues?

I recently received an embedded PC running Windows LTSC. I have had a number of issues with it trying to get our LabWindows software running, and thought I'd ask if anyone knew of any gotchas or incompatiblities.


1. Our program that runs fine on normal Windows 10 systems will not run on LTSC. It needed some extra 2010 runtime installed. I found a link elsewhere in the forum for the installer.


2. After having issues getting our program to start up, I did a full factory reset/fresh start reinstall of Windows. Same issues.


Our app is 64-bit, if that matters.


I wonder if the 2010 runtime has some conflict. I'd like to know which DLLs are actually needed, and see if I could just bundle those with the app rather than use the full installer.


Any thoughts would be apprecaited.

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As far as I know, CVI 2010 is not officially supported on Windows 10 (no matter if CBB, LTSB or LTSC).

I tried to use a 32-bit application built with CVI 2010 SP1 on Win 10 LTSC.

Basically my application works, but I saw some unexpected behaviors.

I don't have experience with 64-bit application, but I suggest you to upgrade CVI to a newer version.


I know it's a pain (because I did it for the same reason some years ago), but you're going to loose your time trying to have CVI 2010 working on Win 10.

In claris non fit interpretatio

Using LV from 7
Using LW/CVI from 6.0
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Let me clarify ... we have CVI 2017. But in order to install it on LTSC, we had to install some Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 runtime (vcredist_x64.exe).

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