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Windows 10 - a pre requisite before install Labview 2021?

On trying to download the Labview software, I encountered the message "The installer requires Windows 10 64 bit (version 1507) or better".
My labtop has the required hardware but is running on Win 7 professional.
My concern is getting a 'blue' screen if upgrading Windows as it occurred to me previously on at the original Win 10- free upgrade release.
Do you think that I'll have to upgrade  or do you know if it is possible to install in absence of less than win 10?

As a licensed Labview user (student in a college)  I should be entitled to NI tech support, but the NI direction is to this forum 🙂 ......where I'm sure there's plenty of sharp shooting knowledgeable gurus

Maybe an option may be to download an earlier Labview version, however the activation key I have may be specifically for 2021 version.


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Hello, you have posted a question about LabVIEW on the wrong board: this is the CVI forum! Try posting in the correct board where you can find better help on your situation.

As a general rule, but I may be wrong in your actual situation, if an installer requires a specific OS version there is no possibility to run it on a previous version.

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