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Why does Auto Backup not backup the cws file?


I am wondering why CVI does not also backup the *.cws file - is it by design or just an omission?

In case of a crash the source file can be recovered, but the tags (saved in the cws file) will be wrong if at least one line of source code has been inserted/deleted during the session.

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...somehow my customer experience felt so much better some years ago Smiley Sad


Actually I just wanted to know if NI would prefer this issue showing up in the CVI bug list or in the CVI wish list - but I guess it will be ignored anyway


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Dear Wolfgang,


Somehow your post was overseen. Please, accept my apology.


Addressing your question, this looks like a very good idea for feature to be implemented. Was it your intention to first verify before posting it as part of NI Idea Exchange forum?

Best Regards,
Certified LabVIEW Architect (CLA)

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Hello n_dakota,

no reason to apologize, I am used to it Smiley Wink

With respect to your question: yes, I wanted to know if NI considers this issue a bug or prefers to see it in the long long (and mostly unprocessed) CVI wish list Smiley Wink

Thanks for uncovering this post! Smiley Happy

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