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Testing RS-232 with PXI 8430 (beginner level question)

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AI guy here who works predominantly in Python and who was recently assigned a software task. Please let me know if I can word this better. My terminology may be a little off but hopefully I can get the general idea across.


I am trying to learn how to test if a cable we built is able to use RS232/RS422 by connecting it to a couple of PXIs. I need to write a GUI which can test the cable to TX/RX through Port 1 on PXIs 1 and 2 and RX/TX on Port 2 on PXIs 1 and 2. The hardware is currently unavailable to test on but I need to write before it gets here.


I have found the RS232 example for CVI2017. I have read through the source code and have a general understanding of how it works. When I try to run it, I get a  timeout error because I am not connected to a device.


What steps can I take to write the test software for RS232/RS422 in a device that I do not have?


Edit: I have also seen the loopback tutorial at Still not sure as how to implement it on unavailable device.

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Get an Arduino and connect to your development computer.

Arduinos like Uno, Mega, Nano, etc introduces themselves as a serial port.


Put some simple code into the Arduino to respond to your test code and work on it until satisfied.

Testing this for a single port is enough since the tests for other ports would be identical except the port number.

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