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Shift and Ctrl don't generate EVENT_KEYPRESS

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I have problem in generating EVENT_KEYPRESS from Shift and Ctrl keys. Other keys generate this event as expected. 


Here is code that I used:

 CVICALLBACK panelCB (int panel, int event, void *callbackData,
		int eventData1, int eventData2)
	if (event == EVENT_CLOSE)
	     QuitUserInterface (0);
	if(event == EVENT_KEYPRESS)
	     MessagePopup("title", "Some message");
	return 0;


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You're right: Shift and Ctrl keys don't generate keypress events; nevertheless, in a keypress event you can detect combinations of such keys with ordinary keys (such as Shift-Tab or Ctrl-A) as you can see in samples\userint\multikey.cws example.

On the other hand, if you want to react to simple Shift or Ctrl keys pressing you can use GetGlobalMouseState () function; unfortunately, this function must be continously polled to detect events as it is not possible to install a callback on these events. See samples\userint\moustate.cws example for reference.

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