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Plot signal with few data

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Hello everybody,


I have the followed problem. I would like to plot a signal that I have greated. I store the signal pattern in an array and this array I would like to give out with "Plot Waveform". The problem is now, that my signal can have a minimum of 4 values. The "Plot Waveform" function plots each position of the array into the graph. With 4 values the result is a triangle signal but that is wrong, the signal should be like a rectangle (Wave Drive signal). There are no steps between that. On the oscilloscope I have the correct signal with only for values in the array.


In the following 1 you can see the outcome. The signal has a offset of 5 V, just for information. The signal should be the signal in the following 2 (the orange one).


Hope someone can help me.


Best regards





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Probably a thin step plot type in PlotWaveform will do what you want.

You can experiment with different plot styles by running graphs.prj native example: you can locate it with the example finder or simply search it in <CVIExampleFolder>\userint folder.

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