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PXI-4461 & PXI-4472

I am new to DAQmx, I have PXI-4461 (2 analog output & 2 analog input) and PXI-4472 (8 input). I want to have a continue output on PXI-4461 and input from 1 channel of PXI-4461 and 8 channels from PXI-4472. Can some one please show me how to configure these two board work together. Thanks.
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Thank you for contacting National Instruments.

If I understand your question correctly, you are trying to configure your PXI-4461 as an analog output and the PXI-4472 as an analog input.

If you are interested in using LabVIEW or CVI for this, we have several examples available on the NI Example Finder under Help>>Find Examples. Once the NI Example Finder browse to Hardware Input and Output>>DAQmx>>Synchronization>>Multi-Device. The first example called Multi-Device Sync-AI and AO-Shared Timebase & Trig-DSA, illustrates continuous analog input and output operations. It configures a total of four tasks on two PXI Dynamic Signal Acquistion (DSA) devices.  Each device runs a task for analog input and another for analog output.


We have other examples available through the NI-Developer Zone: Example Code that allows you to search for other examples.


Hope this can help you get started.


Good luck,


Tica T

Applications Engineer

National Instruments

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Hi Tica,

Thanks for your response. I want to use the PXI-4461 for both input & output and the PXI-4472 channels for input.

Can the input channels & output channel specify as:

"Dev1/ai0:7,Dev2:ai0:1" input channel for PXI-4472 (Dev1) and PXI-4461 (Dev2)

"Dev2/ao0" output channel for PXI-4461(Dev2)

How do I synch them for acquisition. Do I need to create one input taskhandle and one output task handle or two input task handle and one output task handle?

Thanks again.

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Yes, you can have an input task that handles two different boards by specifying the physical channels as: “PXI1Slot2/ai0:1,PXI1Slot3/ai0:5” where slot 2 has the PXI-4472 and slot 3 has the PXI-4461 or like you specified with Dev1/ai0 if that is the name of your board in MAX.

I have included an example that shows you how to do synchronization by using property nodes.


Hope this helps,



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