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Nice 1D and 2D plotting tool

Wow, this is impressive!  Thanks for making this tool available to the community.


There are definitely elements of what you've done that I'd be greatly interested in "borrowing".  Smiley Wink

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I missed your original post so many thanks to ElectroLund to revive this thread.

It would be nice to try your product, but unfortunately after installation it doesn't start and prompts this message:

Screenshot 2018-12-19 10.01.47.png

Proud to use LW/CVI from 3.1 on.

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According his profile here, Erwin visited this forum for the last time in 2006, and his website (and the program, too) was updated on March 23, 2009.

I hope he's doing fine, only busy elsewhere.

Carlo A.

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