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NI 8517 Flexray transfer speed

Dear answers,


We use a NI8517 Card to communicate with a ECU by flexray. When we set the speed to 10M, the communication is successful. But when we use flexray to flash the ECU, the speed seems a little lower even than the CanFD. The time between each frame is 10ms while the 5M CanFD can arrive 0.15ms. The transfer loop is a while loop in CVI which is also used in the CanFD. So it seems there is no external delay caused by the CVI function.

(49.274-49.264)*1000 = 10ms. (Detail see below pic)



Is there anybody know how to speed up the flash procedure? By modifying the parameter in the dbc or using both the Channel A and Channel B at the same time?


Thanks in advance.



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