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MessagePopup blank button with CVI 2017 on Windows 7 Pro

I'm using CVI 2017 without problems in PCs 64 bit with windows 7. My software makes use of ConfirmPopup and MessagePopup and everything works fine except in one pc 64 bit with Win 7 Professional, where each popup message shows a blank button. I have attached two screenshots showing the correct message in one pc and the same message in the pc where I have those problems. I have read some other similar problems, like this

I have unistalled all National Instr. software and installed again. I have unistalled Win SDK and installed again when NI SW requires it. Anyway, I'm not able to get rid of the problem. Suggestion?

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Hi ulivinico,

in the readme document of LabWindows/CVI 2017 for Windows

I found some information potentially useful for you.

First of all, I see that Windows 7 RTM (the version with no service pack) is not supported; only Windows 7 SP1 and later are.

Moreover, National Instruments recommends that you install Microsoft Hotfix 2588507 for 64-bit Windows operating systems. Refer to the National Instruments support article

Why Does National Instruments Software List Microsoft Hotfix 2588507 as a System Requirement?

for more information about this issue.

Hope it helps!



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