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LabWindows + Epoc EMOTIV EEG


    I have a research edition EPOC (hardware and SDK). My intention is to acquire and save the signals from each electrode in real-time. provides c++ examples to do exactly that (with visual studio 2005). I tried to run the code with labWindows CVI 2009. First, I put all the .h and .dll in the project folder, and then set as include path all the headers of visual studio.


    When I run the code (with no modifications) , I get several awkward errors such as:


crtdefs.h"(556,121) syntax error; found ')' expecting ';'. 



I'd be very glad if someone helps me on this,



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LabWindows provides a C compiler and no C++ compiler, so you will need to adapt the C++ examples in order to use LabWindows/CVI. Depending on the code this may be a snap or quite some effort. If you also have Measurement Studio this might be the simpler approach...


Good luck!

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I need it!
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