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LabWindows/CVI for Windows 2020 f1

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there is a new readme available, however, I could not discover any difference to the original version. In the past the suffix meant a fix and I think it would be good if we would know what exactly will have been (no software download yet) fixed.


Thanks, NI guys 😊

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Thanks for sharing buddy! 🙂

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I hope they will not delay the release after May 1st, because this will mean dropping the Windows 7 support.
I wonder what jaw-dropping new technologies they are going to implement that forces to drop it as run-time target, too.
On the development side, of course, is totally acceptable.
Some programs of mine are often used in universities labs on obsolete PCs, running 7 (and some XP, too). 

Carlo A.

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Hello NI,


now two weeks after my original post a modified download seems to be available - unfortunately so far nobody was so kind to explain the differences between CVI2020 and CVI2020f1...

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by the way, the runtime upgrade is found also by NI Package Manager (not by NI Update Service, why is this tool still distributed?).


Be aware that the new Package Manager will not support Win10 32 bit anymore, whereas CVI does (at least according to the Readme)




this is the 2020f1 Readme, no limitation to 64 bit:



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OK, I do not know if the patch resolves more than one problem, at least it does solve one big issue for me, the lack of cooperation with DAQmx, see here.

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and one more thing:

you can distinguish CVI 2020 (build number 49152) and CVI 2020 f1 (build number 49252) by their build number - unfortunately there is still no possibility to obtain the patch level programmatically

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Hi Wolfgang,


CVI 2020 f1 known issue list has been published and can be found


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Thanks so much 😊


However this is the list of fixed issues, not the list of known issues - otherwise one would have to assume that in CVI there are no more known issues whereas this list exceeds some hundreds entries...


...and it does not include the DAQmx issue - never mind, I am happy that it is working now!!


Your link does not (yet) work for me:




This one works - there seem to be country-specific web site differences 😉


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Hello Razvan_P, the link you provided ends up in a page error: can you check and correct it, please?


Ok, didn't see the one Wofgang provided...

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