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Internal Error 2235

While attempting to un-install 8.5.1 CVI FDS, I keep getting un-install errors, what to do to install the 9.0CVI FDS?
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Looks like something is going wrong with an MSI database query, though it's not clear what the problem is. A log of the uninstall process may help. To generate a log, you'll have to launch the CVI 8.5.1 installer from the command line. If your CVI 8.5.1 CD is in drive D:, run this command:


D:\setup.exe /log "C:\<some path>\ log.txt"


Running the installer when the software is already installed will begin an uninstall. After the uninstall errors out, post the output log file from the path you specified.


Mert A.

National Instruments

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I ran the Disk checker and a bunch of orphened files were found and fixed... seems to have recitified the problem... will keep all posted.
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That error leans toward generic Windows Installer issues so you might want installing a newer version of Windows Installer. The Windows Installer 4.5 download can be found here.


Best Regards,

Jonathan N.
National Instruments
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