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IO Device error DAQmx -2147220719


I've been using an application developed in CVI 2013.  This application has been running using IO card NI PCI-6534 with no issues.  I then updated the IO card to the NI PCIe-6536B due to the PC not having additional PCI card slots.


When running the application I am able to run the IO tests about 2-3 times before getting the -2147220719 error.  I've attached a file "Capture.txt" and was able to know if anyone else has received these errors and was able to correct them?  TY!


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Hi BeauReed,


I am unsure if this helps, but have you tried resetting the NI-MAX Configuration database? I have seen a message that mentions that your error can occur if the database gets corrupted (maybe needs a longer delay between reading and initializing). Here is what you can eventually do. There is a warning message you may want to take a look at before you try this though


"Note: Use caution, as this procedure will delete all configuration data stored in MAX including DAQmx Tasks, DAQmx Global Virtual Channels, custom scales, and device configuration."


If that doesn't work, if you use NI-MAX manually to create and read from P1.6, do you see the same error?



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I've tried resetting the NI-MAX Configuration database with no luck.


I've created and read from P1.6 from the NI-MAX and I see no error, but it seems to be calling it in a different way, using DAQ function calls instead of DAQmx calls... Will research more.

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