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How to plot a histogram graphic using data acquisited



I would like to know how could i plot a histogram graphic using data acquisited. I have a device data acquisition and I have 8K samples per second. I need to show the first ten data at the histogram graphic.

For example:


10 volts (1sec), 12 volts(2sec), 14 volts(3sec).....these datas i put in an array 


Could you give me some example about it?

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CVI ships with two examples that plot histograms: mode.prj and tempsys.prj.

In CVI 9.01, go to Help >> Find Examples, then click on the search tab and enter histogram.

In CVI 6.0, go to C:\Program Files\National Instruments\MeasurementStudio\CVI\samples, and search for mode.prj or tempsys.prj


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