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How to make 4 LED run in circle

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Hello Guys,


I have a situation which uses a Timer (called every 5 sec).  When a timer is called, there are 4 LED's which are in action. I have to make them blick in a circluar for the next 5 sec and then the control passes to another set of LED's which performs the same operation.


My question is, how can make the one set of 4 LED's blink and close in a circluar fashion (i.e 1 ON , 2 ON-1 OFF, 3 ON-2 OFF, 4 ON-3 OFF, 1 ON-4 OFF and so on). in such a way that they are visible to the user.


Thanks and regards


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This sounds like a good application for LED control arrays; you can find an example distributed with CVI, called ledctrlarray, or some application examples here or here


Your existing timer would trigger, i.e., start a second 'LED timer' running at 5 / 4 = 1.25 s (or faster), so that every 1.25 s one LED is turned on and the preceding LED is turned off. You also will need a counter so that after one (or several) full circles the second timer and thus the blinking is turned off again

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Hello Wolfgang,


Thank you for your help. I hope u could help me in another situation which I am really finding problems.


I am using Labwindows along with NI-DAQmx. I am creating a GUI with which I have to connect the hardware NI-6528. My question is can I create digital channel with 48 lines and using two different devices (Dev0, Dev1) as shown below:




Thank you in advance!


Best Regards




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