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How to convert string to ViChar array?


i created a wrapper for a ivi function and added to addtional parameters to it (Result and TXT).

It is working fine but how can i make the bold text working?

The "if" part works only problem in the else-path.

How can i set the string into the ViChar array?


Thanks for help



        void __declspec(dllexport) ConfigureOutputEnabled(ViSession vi,  ViInt32 index, ViBoolean enabled, ViInt32 &Result, ViChar TXT[] )


            Result = IviDCPwr_ConfigureOutputEnabled(vi, channelName, enabled);
            if (Result != 0)
                IviDCPwr_error_message(vi, Result, TXT);
                //TXT[] = "No error"; //How to change this?
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If you want your dll to return the result value to the caller you should declare it as ViInt32 *Result, and use *Result in the function body.

For the string parameter, couldn't you declare it as a ViChar * and fill it with strcpy ()? I'm not using Ivi so I don't know if this is safe for IviDCPwr_error_message () function.

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There is no problem with Result parameter.


strcpy is not working here.

I solved it with this:

Copying index by index into the output array.


              ViChar temp[] = "No error.";
               for(int i = 0; i < sizeof(temp); ++i)
                       TXT[i] = temp[i];


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