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Export a CVI project to Visual studio



Is it possible to export a Labwindows CVI 2017 project into a Visual Studio project ?

Is there any guidelines for this ?

I tried by creating a Makefile based  on a gcc compiler, but it seems visual studio modifies the preprocessor options that makes my build failing (issue with WCHAR definition in  winnt.h definition typedef sdk_wchar_t WCHAR;)


Thank you

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Hi! I have many times looked at doing the same myself, but haven't had much time to experiment with it yet. However, I stumbled upon this thread a while back, and a bit into the thread there's a guy giving some hints on how he managed to convert his CVI project to a VS project.

Solved: Labwindows UIR - NI Community

Good luck! Please report back if you are successful! 🙂

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