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Corrupted cvicc output

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Hello, hello,

I have a weird problem on a recently installed machine. OS is Scientific Linux 7.2 64 and using cvicc 2013.30

The lines written to stdout by the compiler are garbled, some characters are missing, others are redondant. Some lines are fine, but it's all perfectly reproduceable.


$ cvicc -rebuild -lusb QueDoVL.prj                            
Building Release configuration of /home/plasma/akido/QueDoV2/QueDoVL.prj
Compiling /home/plasma/akido/QueDoV2/API/CypressLibUsb.c
Compiling /home/plasma/akido/QueDoV2/GenericStripChart.c
Compiling /home/plasma/akido/QueDoV2/ColorScale.c
Compiling /home/plasma/akido/QueDoV2/EditAxisSettingsPopup.c
GenericStripChart.c:82:2: error: unknown type name ‘BOOL’
BO Customize; ;      // Show more controls
*** instead of BOOL Customize; *** GenericStripChart.c:504:2: error: unknown type name ‘BOOL’ BOOL Visible; /home/plasma/akido/QueDoV2/GenericXYplot.h:33:1: error: unknown type name ‘BOOL’ extrn BOOL NoXYYPlots; // Debug only
*** instead of extern BOOL NoXYPlots; *** QueDoV2.c:18:27: fatal error: GenericXYPlot.h: No such file or directory #inlude "GeneriicXYPlot.h"
*** instead of #include "GenericXYPlot.h" *** compilation terminated. Build failed. plasma@lpsc6028x:~/akido/QueDoV2

I first thought is was something to do with my terminal, but it happens also if I redirect stdout to a file. I haven't checked yet if I have this issue on other machines.


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May I ask what exactly is your project doing? Are you attempting to to compile code in CVI on Linux, or are you running some other code that is compiling in some form or another.


In addition, which text errors are you currently seeing exactly? Which words/phrases are missing or are garbled?


CVI runtime for linux is currently supported for usage up to Scientific Linux 6.x.x. This issue you are seeing may be due to some untested changes. More information on the version support can be found below.


National Instruments Driver and Software Support for Linux Distributions


Are there any changes on other machines? Do you have machines running Scientific Linux 6.x.x?




Shamik C

Applications Engineer 

National Instruments 

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Thanks for the answer,

yes, I'm not complaining about the error messages themselves, but about how they are somehow corrupted and hard to read, like in the two examples of lines with ***. I haven't been able to reproduce this problem by using gcc or clang directly, only when I call cvicc.


I have a pile of SL6 and SL5 machines with CVI on them, but only the runtime as I have a single development machine. But I'll try it later. Anyway I never had this problem when my development system was on SL5 or 6.

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Accepted by topic author gdargaud

Eh, I finally solved this issue. Better late than never I guess...

I just added the option  -fno-diagnostics-show-caret to COMPFLAGS in the /usr/localcvi/natinst/cvi2013/bin/compile.ecc configuration file...

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