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Compatibility issues between CVI 8.0.1/Win XP and CVI 2017/Win 10

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I need to port a software presently running with CVI 8.0.1, Win XP, DAQmx january 2011

to run with CVI 2017, Windows 10, last DAQ mx version.

This software uses multithreading and is designed to generate analog/digital signals up to 100 kHz and to simultaneously and continuously read ana/dig channels, draw to screen and save measures up to 400kHz (screen refresh and save to disk is timed to 100ms).


Apart from 32/64 bits problems (I think we'll keep 32 bits), what kind of problems I may encounter ?

Is there any place where I can find documentation on obsolete functions between CVI 8.0.1 and 2017 ?

Is there anything I need to pay attention to by changing from Win XP to Win 10 (uir files, multi-threading, etc.) ?

Thank you


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Potentially the biggest risk is the change in compiler made in 2013. I ran into one specific one here but the outline of the changes in 2013 appears here.  Overall you can see the history of updates to CVI here.


Good luck!

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Thanks very much Ian.

For sure, I'll get compile errors due to some 2013 changes... => I'll carefully read all updates history (Wow, 10 versions to check... Fun !)

Thank for the links.

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