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CVI Fatal Error

@Roberto: No problem. Smiley LOL

My colleague started the program always not by double-click on the exe but out of the CVI editor with the green arrow (Debug project). Because this doesn't make any sense if he doesn't want to debug something he started the program this morning without CVI just be going into the directory and starting the exe. So far no crash for the whole day. Because of this we made the assumption that the debugger could be responsible for the crash. This wouldn't be that bad. We will investigate this behaviour for the next days.


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So in fact the debugger seems to make problems. Can anyone confirm this observation?


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Executables created in debug configuration are effectively different from stand-alone executables: the compiler adds a lot of informations to the executable to permit debugging, keeps track of variables in a differnt way so that you can add breakpoints and examine in the variables window and so on. On the other side, stand-alone executables can be compiled with optimizations for space or speed so you cannot be sure they operate the very same way as debug executable. This is why is recommended to fully test applications once they are compiled in release configuration.

If the debug executable has some problems you should be able to observe it even by starting it directly without opening the IDE: see which name is assigned to it in target settings and run it directly without opening the CVI IDE.


When running the program in the IDE you could also break execution and see in Module window all the dlls and drivers loaded when the program is running together with their memory addresses: this way you can at lease see in which module the error arises.

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