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CVI 9.0 & MSVC 2008 express

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So I decided to install MSVC 2008 along side of CVI 9.0 since it now included a template for it.  When compiling the release version, which uses the external compiler, MSVC complains about an unknown pragma in baseTsd.h and WinNT.h.  Checking the error, it has to do with the C99 extensions and the pragma is specifically "IgnoreUnreferencedIdentifiers".


It doesn't seem to hurt anything, but anyone seeing this as well?

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Hi gtoph,


Looks like 3rd-party compiler guards were inadvertently left off of those pragma definitions. That pragma is specific to the CVI compiler, and not understood by other compilers.


You're right, this is pretty harmless, since any compiler simply ignores unrecognized pragmas. But if you don't want to see the warnings any more, you can edit in those header files the line above the pragma definitions like this:


before: #if (_CVI_C99_EXTENSIONS_ == 0)

after: #if (_CVI_C99_EXTENSIONS_ == 0) && !defined (__TPC__)


Thanks for letting us know!





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