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Are there any exams for LabWindows/CVI for my assessment?



I'm new in CVI


I'm still studying its features

Can anyone give me a link where I can learn more about CVI, a tutorial perhaps.

I'm really interested about data manipulation and databases.


What database can I use with CVI?





Are there any exams I can take for the assessment of my knowledge about CVI?

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Hi Kylie may,


On our website there are many helps for you to learn LabWindows/CVI.


1) Here is a link to the Getting Started manual


2) Additional Resources


3) If you are interested in Database connectivity please take a look at the following link to the SQL Tool kit 


4) As far as Exams that you can take here is a link to the information: NI Certified LabWindows™/CVI Developer (CCVID)



I hope that this helps.




Perry S.

Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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