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enable subscript and superscript in UI text messages

When designing a UI it is sometimes necessary to have text composed of indices and superscripts, e.g. R^2, chi^2, ...


Right now this can be accomplished only by using several texts in different sizes and by manually aligning these text fragments. This is quite tedious Smiley Sad


Hence I would suggest permitting simple control sequences to automatically have text parts in superscript, subscript, italics and bold within the very same text message (possibly similar to HTML)

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Status changed to: Under Consideration
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- Cheers, Ed
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oh, well,


it may not be a unique suggestion, and I did not claim it to be inventive either, but at least it is unique for LabWindows/CVI...


Actually I don't care if the feature exists (or has been suggested) for LabVIEW because I'm using LabWindows/CVI...Smiley Wink

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Oooooh, didn't notice it was LW/CVI; I was going to post the other idea post in the Lonely Orphans thread, and found this one in my searches.

- Cheers, Ed
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This suggestion is particularly important for table controls where column labels etc. can not be manually assembled from two separate text fragments


With Labwindows CVI, I would like to know if it is possible to write a text which contains indices.

For example consider writing message Ipkpk, where pkpk is written as an indice, like the code I_{pkpk} of Latex).

Best regards,