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Support of clang 3.9/4.0 with OpenMP3.1

Status: New



it was very nice to see clang updated to version 3.3 in CVI2015; I wish this support of current versions of clang will be continued in the future, so I am hoping that with CVI2017 we might get clang 3.9 or 4.0 because of the following issues:

- many many bug fixes in clang

- improved diagnostics

- support of C11

- full support of OpenMP 3.1 and beyond



Trusted Enthusiast

In the mean time OpenMP 4.5 has been released, supported by clang 3.9 and later


I very much like the support of OpenMP because this is a pretty simple and straightforward approach for developing code with parallel computing - it is just one line such as

#pragma omp parallel for private ( y )

to have a for loop parallized; for arrays / data sets of some thousand data points this makes a significant difference.

Hence I update my suggestion to


Support of clang 3.9 (or later) with OpenMP4.5


Trusted Enthusiast

Let me give just two reasons for my wish for OpenMP 4.5 or later: these are the much improved support of arrays and error handling, in particular the keywords


  • reduction
  • taskloop
  • taskwait
  • cancel