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Put the X on the tab it goes with.

This X just closes out of the tab that is on top.


CVI window.PNG


Pretty much every other program with tabs has the X on the tab you’re closing out of. The current placement makes me hesitate every time, because it feels like you’re X-ing out of the entire code-viewing pane, not just the single file you want to close.


It’s also not consistent with the rest of the environment.

For example, in the pane on the bottom in the screenshot above, “Threads” and “Wa tch” look like two tabs, but clicking the X in that pane causes the entire pane to disappear rather than just closing the tab that is on top.


The inconsistent behavior of the closing X is really annoying! And if I could dock the Build Errors to the left screen side like in Visual Studio (widescreen monitors!) it would be even better. Thanks.

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I second this suggestion. At present I use Ctrl+W to close the active window

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It's not necessarily relevant here, but TestStand has the same problem. The placement of the X creates ambiguity about what you're actually closing out of when you click on it:


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Status changed to: Under Consideration
Jonathan N.
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Anyone who likes this idea should also kudo the same idea for the Test Stand product.


Put the X on the tab it goes with in the Sequence Editor


I would say get rid of the Confine/Release concept all together.  Just make this drag and drop.  And, make the Editor area and MDI (Multi Doc Interface) area.  Each tab with it's own "X" and "_" (minimize/expand) buttons.  (only the selected showing)

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Nope. Do not like. At least I always know where the cross is (upper right) and that it will close what is currently open. Otherwise I have to visually search for which tab is active. If I want to do that I can always middle-click on it to close it.

First thing I do in Firefox (browser.tabs.closeButtons=3 in about :config. And other apps as well) is to put the closing control where it belongs, in the upper right.

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I'm indifferent about this, except that IF the X is put on the tab it MUST always be visible. Having one that appears on mouse-over (like in Safari) is terrible design. A user can intend to activate that tab by clicking on it, only to find that they have closed it because the X materialized under their cursor an instant before they clicked. --Ian
Yes, plus putting the X on the tab allows you to close tabs you are not currently on without switching to them to close them.
Status changed to: In Development

Hi K_Joy,


Thank you for your post. We are moving forward with development of this feature. It should be included in the next available release of LabWindows/CVI.




Collin Draughon

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