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NIReport no longer supported

Status: New

Dear NI,

Until lately I worked with CVI 2017. I've decided to move on and I have installed 2019. For years I use NIReport 

to create reports to the customers. To my astonishment, NIReport is no longer supported, meaning a work of years will be thrown away. I have tried other options provided by NI, such as creating a report in word/excel, but neither gave me  satisfactory results

I am developing applications in CVI for 15 years, and had NEVER a problem of backward compatibility. I know other companies  that do not care about their customers, but NI has been never the case.

I hope that NIReport will be back. 

thank you



Given that NI Reports is gone in CVI 2019, what is the recommended alternative?  

Do you have any idea how long Microsoft will support the active X controls to generate a word report?  I am concerned that Microsoft will change the interface to word, and/or only offer word as a subscription model in the future, which will make my customers unhappy.

My reports need to include complex graphs. 


Yes, please bring back the report generator as I have used it in all of my applications since about 2000. And that's a lot of code to change!!




Knight of NI

Then click the kudo star to register your vote.  That carries more weight in evaluating ideas then just a simple reply!


For years I have used NIReport to create reports, I have many years of multiple programs which use it.  I am amazed that NIReport is no longer supported, because CVI is usually backward compatible.  I have much work and time in these programs and now I will have much more work and time to change these programs to not use NIReport.  Is it possible to still use NIReport?  Can NIReport be included in the next update?