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Keep the User Interface Browser state when switching to another file

When editing a panel, you can locate every control in the User Interface Browser at the top right corner of the editor window. In order to highlight some elements in the panels/controls tree, you can collapse all elements and expand only the panel you are interested to. Not exactly a fast and easy process but useful in case of complex UIR files with several panels embedded (and the only way I have found to look at control arrays and their included controls). So far so good.

But if you happen to switch to another window, possibly to revise some code that references the controls you have elaborately selected, and then come back to the UIR editor you will find the UI Browser has reverted to fully expanded and the control you were looking at previously is not event the selected one! That is to say, you've lost all the time spent in tailoring the tree Smiley Mad

In my opinion the UI Browser should retain its state when you switch to another window so that what you were working on is still visible on screen and you don't have to locate it again.

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