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Add official support for GIT

The integration of some SCC software is officially supported in CVI (see this KB).

Unfortunately GIT is not officially supported, but its popularity has been increasing very much.

LabVIEW has a specific User Group in the community (Git User Group) and I think CVI should support the same integration


In claris non fit interpretatio

Using LV from 7
Using LW/CVI from 6.0



Why don't you just use git from the command line? If you'd rather have a fancy UI, there's GitEssentials which is pretty powerful. Of course I see the appeal of having integrated scc support, but on the very very very long list of features that should be implemented, git integration probably is rather at the end.


The big issue with cvi and GIT and even SVN is when you try and merge, especially the user interface in CVI, say for example you have two people that make a change or add to the user interface. when you go and merge the two programs together this becomes a nightmare in having  to go in line by line of the .tui file and try and seperate the two changes out. Regardless the only service for repositorys that cvi is supporting is Preforce, Subversion. People want to have the option to use different revision software that can be used and implemented on there own server, without using a offsite service and one that is free.