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yamato oven communication(toho or Modbus Protocol)


Hi friends ,

                    Now i come to you after unsuccess to searching the solution to make the  communication of this yamato oven(DKN 302/402/602
612/812/912),but i know its have the ability to make interface like TOHO or modbus protocol,but i couldnt get the detail of this.

is anybody come over on this?pls help me if you have the solution like communication on..


i am awaitng your reply?


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Hello Rajmohan , I know it's been 6 years now, but I was wondering if you found an answer to this problem, I'm working with a TOHO temperature controller now, they do provide some information, but I tried communicating with the device with no success, I only could using their TTM loader or COM sample software (Not what I need).


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