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xy chart in LAB VIEW???

There seems to be no XY chart in LabView. I think the XY scatter Chart option might come in handy in cases involving continuous updation. Can anyone suggest an alternate method ?????
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Yes, there is nothing called XY chart in LabVIEW. You can use XY graph for displaying the data.
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There is no indicator called XY Chart but there is an example VI called XY Chart. Just open the Example Finder.
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well.... i did mange to use arrays which is continually updated to reproduce a strip chart on the graph..... 🙂 sp i guess thats  a possibilty......
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If you don't like the example that uses a buffer just like a chart, you could use the Express XY Graph to update a single pair at a time.
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oh ok !!! thanks for that dennis..... it might have saved me  a lot of time.... 🙂
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