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xcontrols in Full Edition

Hi - I'm running the Full edition of LabVIEW 2011. I have an application where it would be very useful to use an Xcontrol, but NI in their wisdom decided not to include Xcontrols in the Full edition. I can't afford to upgrade just for the sake of a single Xcontrol.


Does anyone know if I can get around it this way:

  • Download an eval version of Pro
  • Create the xcontrol, debug it, make sure it works perfectly
  • Use that in my fully-licenced Full edition, with the caveat that I'll never be able to edit the xcontrol again.

Does anyone know if this will work? Or will LV detect that the xcontrol was created in an eval version of LV and disable it or something?


TBH I'm a bit annoyed that NI want so much for the upgrade, considering I've already paid out GBP 895 for the application builder. Smiley Mad

Many thanks, Jon

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Hey Jon,


You are correct, it is possible to run a VI containing an XControl created in LabVIEW Professional Development package in the Base and Full versions.


As you say though you will not be able to edit it after the evaluation period has expired so please do this with caution if your application relies on it.


Hope this helps

Jack. W
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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