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xbee pro 60mw wire antenna and Labview guidance needed


 I have some questions regarding zigbee and labview interface. I'm currently working on a project and this is my first time using zigbee and labview. 


In my project, I want to transmit data wirelessly between two zigbees where data is the output that sensors generate by reading humans body temperature and heart rate(pulse).


I want to use the labview to display the values and data in a graphical way and ultimately to a TFT display. Right now, I'm using Mega pro 2560 and XBee Pro 60mW Wire Antenna - Series 1 (802.15.4). 


All the sensors are off the shelf sensors from Sparkfun and they are connected to microcontroller. 


I want to know if my steps are correct.


First, I have succeeded in sensors trasmitting its output to microcontroller. Then microcontroller stores data in SD card connected to microcontroller before tramitting them to the receiver.. 


Second, by using X-ctu, set up some configuration between two zigbees such as baud rate.


And this is kinda where I'm stuck at. My receiver(Xbee pro) is connected to ftdi then to PC using the USB cable. My transmitter(Xbee pro), sensors and microcontroller are connected to breadboard powered by lithium ion battery. 


Could you please give me some tips or steps how you would go about using the labview at this point? Do you need some code for labview and zigbee interface?


I'm sort of new to this. If you can help, I would really appreaciate it.

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Please check to this forum.


Basically, you'll need a microcontroller to talk to LabVIEW, since you're using a third party device you'll need to download VISA driver.


Once you have downloaded the driver, please refer to this article.




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I got stuck in this part. Can you check out the last reply I made in this forum :


Also, from my receiver end(xbee pro) that is connected to PC through ftdi,


I was wondering how you would go about designing the serial communication from the receiver to Labview display.


The file attached is kind of thing I want to do. I have three major sensor data to display(heart rate, body temperature, and motion speed).


I want to show them to three graphical disaplay at the same time. 


Can you give me some tips on designing the labview part? and also I would really appreacite if you could give me some tip on fixing the error I first stated in another forum. Refering any related forum would be helpful. Thanks a lot.



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