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wrong Mbed read

Hi everyone, 


I have an issue trying to read what I send to my FRDM_KL25Z (mbed target) 

I generate a stream bit that I send to my target and then I tell my target to resend to computer what it received. And the result is not as expected.

The generated stream bit is coded in U32 and contains several fields of bits. Maybe a better solution would be to send each field separatly and handle them into the target but I don't know how to do it because I don't know how are sent data and how handle them into board...


I joined my VI and my C++ code. In the code, handling of reception can be found in in first lines of the function rcvAndConv().


Thank you for your help ! 

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Can you attach the subVIs mbed-read and mbed-write?



Felipe Flores
Application Engineer
National Instruments Brazil

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Hi Felipe, 


Thank for your answer but I found solution recently. 





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