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write datalog does not accept record

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I am using LabVIEW 9.0 and a producer/consumer architecture to generate and send a serial command, then write a timestamp and a boolean value to a datalog file.  The included snippet of code shows a problem I'm having with my consumer loop where the Write Datalog VI gives a broken link when connected to the Dequeue Element VI.  The context help says "You have connected to a polymorphic terminal that not accept this data type."  But, when I initialized the Datalog, I tie the queue to the "record type" terminal of the Open/Create/Replace Datalog VI.  Any suggestions?


Thanks for any assistance,

Mike Stebbins

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In your initialize frame, you set the data type to go into the log file to be a queue reference.  You need to wire in the actual datatype which is the cluster of timestamp and boolean, the same one you used to obtain the queue.  That is why you get the error in the read data frame.  You are trying to write a cluster to the datalog function when it has been primed to be a queue reference datatype.


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Ravens Fan, thank you for catching that mistake, and for giving me a clear answer so quickly.  Much appreciated!


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