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write and read with leybold device

Since it doesn't work with hyperterminal, there are few things left to try and it is not a LabVIEW problem. You could try a different serial converter but you need to contact the vendor st this point. All if they have a utility program.
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finally i'm gettin a message it was a problem with the rs232 cable, but i'can't understand the message:ar.png

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You have now set it for 8 data bits and the manual says to use 7.
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it's 7 data bit+ 1space 

now it works  🙂  but there is an error message that's shown every time and keeps me disabled to run the VI continously. i attached two images for the front panel and the error message. thanks

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Change your termination character to a carriage return.
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now i want to SAVE the message red in my read buffer and get the measured value and DISPLAY it in a graph indicator .

any tips from where i shoud start? thx

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To display on a chart, you just have to parse the string to get the numeric value. To display on a graph, you need to parse and accumulate the values to an array. Examples come with LabVIEW and you should take some of the free tutorials.
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