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write and read with leybold device

hi every one i did the test but still the same error (-1073807339) and this message was shown can any one tell me what's wrong:



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Nothing was received from the instrument. You are either sending the wrong command, not terminating the command correctly, have incorrect com settings, are using the wrong type of cable, etc. Welcome to the wonderful world of RS-232.

Because there are no standards and there are so many variables is why I recommend using other software to test communication before diving in and writing some custom LabVIEW code. Does the vendor provide a utility program? If you can say that it works with that and not LabVIEW, it would go a long way in isolating the cause of your problem.

Can you attach the programming manual and an image of your front panel?
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Sorry, I just noticed that you did attach a manual. It says it starts up in printer mode and it is unclear to me what you have to do in order to get out of that mode.
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the user's manual is right here ( page 18 and page 19)

and these are two screeshots  attached for both may front panel and block diagrame.

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That is showing a completely different error now.

For the original timeout error, you aren't even receiving the NAK message which leads me to think the instrument is not receiving anything. Double check the type of serial cable that you are using.
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the printer mode will be automatically disabled after sending the first commande through computer as it's sayed  in NOTES page 18

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i changed the cable and nothing hapened .
i created another simple write with visa to test it with Hyperterminal but here i don't get anything from the hypr trminal and another error was shown (picture below). i'm using USB<>rs232 convertor could it be the source of my probleme?



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That error occurs because you probably have hyperterminal still open.

Is your cable straight through or a null modem type?
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it's a null modem type.


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sorry guys i keep asking and asking but i'm out of solution so please don't get sick of me and any further help will be very much apreciated. and thanks for every thing 🙂

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