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word easy table autoformat, how to use a custom style?

Hello everybody,


I'm using the office report generation tool kit, specially the Vi WORD EASY TABLE.


My question is: how to use the autoformat input? (32 bit integer)


Actually there is no documentation about the meaning of this number, there no logic between the number you put and the selected autoformat in word.


I want to use a custom table style that i have created but i'm unable to find the right number which match to my custom style!


Can you help me?

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Hi sim.g,

to get more information, you can open the subvi and see where the control is connected to. It results int the "AutoFormat" invoke node. If you right click on the invoke node, you'll get additional help for it.



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Thanks Mike!


But in fact i've already did it and there's no more informations, i'm still unable to know which autoformat style match to a specific number in labview!!


More over I saw taht there 43 autoformat style on my Word 2003 plus 4 custom style that i've created and i'm unable to use them, Labview only allows me to use the 43 style but not more (error when i use 44 ou 45 in the autoformat int.


Please help me!! I'm completly blocked and idle on my project! I need to use a custom style!



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Just a little up!!


I'm still have the problem!

I've received this morning the last Ni developper suite update with LV8.6.1 and tha last Report gheneration tool kit, but my problem still!!

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Hi sim.g,

The office report generation tool kit use the activex server of Microsoft office. The documentation about Autoformat method is on msdn website.The autoformat input use WdTableFormat Enumeration and the Table.Autoformat method are describe here. I try to search another way to use custom style.

I hope this post help you. 


Yann C.


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Hi Yann!


Thanks you very much! I was lokking for this table on msdn for a long time!!


But now one problem still, can I use a custom style!

In fact for the moment I 've find a temp solution which consist in doing the table format in lab view using the format cell Vi then the Border and shadding vi then table alignement and finally the Set table dimensions V.


But it's a not a reliable solution, and i really wanted to use a custom style whiwh will be incoporate in the template document!


Thanks for your help

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Hi sim,

I make some test, and I modifying the Word Format to use custom style.

I think the only solution is to custom a little bit the report generation toolkit. The modification I made is easy.

Open Word Easy Table (str).vi diagram and find Word Format (is the vi with autoformat input). Open Word Format diagram.

I just add a property node in the False condition. I join you a picture, I test with word2007 and it's work fine. Can you test this solution. 

It's not the final solution, we have to make another little modifying if this one works.

Note: the string is the name of your style, and the boolean correspond on the option checkbox in word.

I hope it's clear


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Yann C.


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