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winspec and activex

What kind of issue do you have exactly or what errors are you getting?

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I try to control winspec via ActiveX and python win32, and it works on a virtual WinXP mashine (basic things atleast, as it does not have hardware installed).

Now if I install  winspec on windows 7 (x32) mashine, I see no Princeton Instruments WinX/32 Library in the list of registered libraries, so I get message that library is not registered when I try to acces it from python. And I cannot register it myself as like with a usual dll. 


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As per Martin_Kroner's suggestion, running Winspec once as administrator on Windows 7 worked for me.

After doing this the "Roper Scientific's WinX/32 v3.12 Type Library" entry started showing up in VBA, and win32com.client.Dispatch("WinX32.DocFile") started working in Python.

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Iam facing the same problem, could u try to run the Activx in windows 7

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Did you read the last message just before yours in the thread?

Rolf Kalbermatter
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As this forum post was made quite a bit ago and the people who participated in this thread may not be monitoring it anymore, I encourage you to make a new forum post with information about your issue if the information you find in this post is unable to resolve it. Thanks!

Jen P.
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The WinX32 library is embedded in the WinX32 ( WinView or WinSpec ) 32 bit exe file and is self registering.  For Windows 7 32 bit, you need to navigate to the directory where the WinX32 exe file was installed, right click on the exe file, select run As Administrator to elevate the exe process to have the permissions to register the WinX32 Automation COM/ActiveX library.  This only needs to be done once, then the WinX32 program can be run by a regular user and have the library registered.


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