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windriver erro "System clock has been set back"

I am having a problem opening the First Windriver program this year.

I always get the error:

System clock has been set back

Feature WR_workbench
License Path c\windriver\license\zwrsLicense.lic;\\license\WRSLicense.lic 
FLEXIm error: -88,-309
For further information, refer to the FLEXIm End User Manual,
available at
I also get a Different Workspace Version dialog box asking me to change or update the work space.
I am using the Windows XP version on a Dell laptop computer that I have used for the last three years with the Windriver program that I updated each year. I have tried completely removing Windriver and National Instruments programs several times and rebooting all 2012 programs with no change in Windriver error.
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Do you have a LabVIEW question?


This seems like a question you should be asking Wind River.

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Hi eoconno1,


If the Windriver program is related to the FIRST Robotics Competition then you will be able to get more help by posting in the FIRST community page at and searching/ asking in the NI FRC Community forum.


This community forum is moderated by Applications Engineers specializing in support for FRC and FTC - they should be able to help you



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I thought I was putting this problem on the FRC forum when I first listed it. Sorry for the mistake.   We have resolved the problems with opening the Windriver program for now. Thanks for the responses.


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