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win-login on web-server

We have a corporate network with Active Directory.
I'm developing an application using the LabVIEW Web server.
When a user opens the page of my server, he sees certain information. I want this information to depend on user's login.
In C# (.NET), it's easy to get a user's win-login without password entry forms. For example, we have a corporate website. When I open it, I immediately get into my personal office without any authorization. Is there a way in LabVIEW to find out which user (his login) is accessing the page? Using this information, I can extract the necessary data from Active Directory and display it on the page.

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Good morning! 


If I understand the problem correctly, all you're looking for is the username from their login on the computer, not the full username and password, correct?


If that is the case, I dug up a support article covering the retrieval of a Windows Username using the Systems Exec VI or through a Property Node.


Retrieve Windows User Name in LabVIEW Programmatically:


Tyler O.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Hi, Tyler!

I can't use Systems Exec.

I need get data from intertnet-request


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I founded solution like

<script type="text/javascript">
  var WinNetwork = new ActiveXObject("WScript.Network");
 var UD = WinNetwork.UserName; 
 document.getElementById("gf").href = ".../get_form/?wlogin="+UD;


and then I get data from GET-mothod.


In .NET I can get this data without ActiveX and this much better, because ActiveX may by disabled.

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