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wifi signal analysis

Hello, im dodi
 I'm doing my final project on campus

I want to make a wifi analyzer application in Labview without using hardware ?
please help me to get suitable reference

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What exactly are you trying to "analyze"? (RF signal, traffic, coverage, etc.).


If you don't have any hardware (except for a computer, which is of course hardware too!), there is nothing to analyze unless you also simulate whatever you are trying to analyze. What field is your main focus?

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I am implementing a thesis to read RSSI data using Labview without just using pc, like read ( signal quality, bandwidht, security, channel, etc) like wifi analyzer,
conclusion create wifi analyzer using labview

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Pretty simple, use the LabVIEW System Exec VI to run the Windows Network shell, and parse the text it returns. 



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You know about the read rssi using nimyrio program, I can already run it, so I want to display a program like that but without using nimyrio,

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