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wi-fi adapter communication

Dear quys, help me.

I'm having a questions with work of LabVIEW. It is necessary for me to accept the information with usb wi-fi adapter using LabVIEW and then it to process this environment. Whether has LabVIEW such possibility or separate devices are necessary for information gathering on a wireless network? The computer on which costs usb adapter has no LabVIEW!

Thank you!

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What do you mean by "information"? Are you actually trying to test the interface, or just use it? LabVIEW has TCP/IP functions, and sees things at the application level, just like a C program. Thus, you'd open a connection to an IP address. The OS is responsible for determining which interface is used.


Please explain a little better what you are trying to do.


The computer on which costs usb adapter has no LabVIEW!

I don't quite understand what this means. Are you saying the computer where the program will be installed does not have LabVIEW? You would not need to have the development version on the target computer. You'd build an application in LabVIEW and then install it on the target computer. You'd also install the LabVIEW Runtime Engine (which is free).

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The information = the digital data flow (binary). We have a set of gages (from them the information on ARM9 arrives). On ARM9 costs microlinux . USB Wi-Fi adapter we use for construction of a wireless network and as storehouse of the collected information. We have some computers in this network. It is necessary to transfer the information (data) on a network to other computer (having LabVIEW) and there it to process. How it can be realized?

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Labview can receive and send data from or to a wifi adapter using TCP or UDP protocols, maybe others. So it depends on which way your ARM9 systems can send out the data.




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It sounds as if you are asking how to do network communication with LabVIEW. There are shipping examples on how to use TCP and/or UDP. Please look through those examples, and come back if you have any further questions.

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Thanks all for ideas... 

But In these examples interactions of the client and the server ( are used. We have not car on which it is possible to put the server (

How to be in this case? To use the OPC Server?

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I'm sorry, but your comment and question is not clear. Can you rephrase it?

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We have the client and have't server because we have only one computer where the LabVIEW is established.

The computer where is wi fi adapter has't LabVIEW...

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You don't need to have LabVIEW at the other end. The examples are just to show how to do TCP/IP communication. If LabVIEW is going to initiate the connection, then it's a client. If LabVIEW is going to act as a server, then you need to create a listener that waits for connections at a specific port. The examples show you how to do either one.

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