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why is it a clone version (read only) opened when I descend down to a subVI

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I have just installed an evaluation version of LabView 2010. But, I notice that when I create a LV program and descend down a subVI (this is subVI is also created by me, not a reference to a library), it only opens a read only version of the subVI of which I descend to. The window title also shows the subVI descended is a clone version, not editable. Why? Is it because of it is an evaluation version?

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The VI is Reentrant. Since many can use the VI at once it opens in read only mode and you only look at a specific clone of it.


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But, I only have one VI opened. It is still opening up a read only version when I descend down to a SubVI from that the top VI that is the only one opened in Labview. How do you explain that?

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If you are using a Project, try opening the sub-vi through the project, and not through the calling vi.

If not using a project, open it the traditional way:  File>Open> browse to the sub-vi and select it.


Alternatively (and more simple) try ctrl-M on the opened clone to make it the master.


To check if it is re-entrant, in the File menu, select VI Properties> Execution

Look if there is a checkmark in the Re-entrant execution box.


It does not matter if you only have one re-entrant vi opened.  If you opened if from the calling vi, it will be a clone.  Annoying, yes.

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Thanks, that is crystal clear.

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Glad to help

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