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why i got error labview cannot communicate with EMANT300NI VISA

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i got error when try to run my labview after connect with emant300 usb daq.the error i got are:

1)NI VISA driver is installed/LV needs NI-VISA to communicate with the serial comm port

2) Comm port conflict during emant300 driver installation


any advise how to solve this problem?


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Your message isn't clear.  For #1, you say NI-VISA is installed/LV needs VISA.  Did you mean to day NI-VISA is NOT installed?  If something is installed, and needs it, there should be no error.


For #2, what is the "emant300" driver?    Is it trying to use the com port at the same time as LV is?


Do you have any error codes or clear description of the error?  A screenshot?

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im sorry for the un clear error but i got it when try to run my labview.emant 300 is usb daq that i have and use together with labview program i have.there is another error which in the attachment that i have attach.thank you

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From that error message it sounds like some part of the VISA driver set is missing.


The EMANT uses a virtual serial port through USB.  It has been a while since I used one, but I think it uses the FTDI device.  You need the USB driver for that ( a .dll, I think) and the VISA serial functions.



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Thanks lynn.i tried to reinstall over again the emant300 but I don't know what wrong with it and I can't proper install the you have any suggestion where should I get the software to install the emant300 so I can use it. already email the vendors but they still not reply me.quite stress with this situation as I badly need to present my labview to my supervisor.



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Did you do the basic step of installing NI-VISA?
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may i know what do u mean by basic installing?can u explain to me because im not sure. i got this labview from my friend.he the one who install in my laptop.

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You need the hardware driver for the serial port called NI-VISA. The error message clearly says you don't have it Download from here.


You should review all of the 'Learn to Use Instrument Drivers' links on the main Instrument Driver Network page.

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Dennis said it clearly.  You need to have at least three different software components installed on your computer: LabVIEW, NI VISA, and the EMANT software.  Do you have all of these?



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i ahve that 3 thing and i already install the visa that denis give me the link but i still got error when run the labview.and the error as in me sort it out please.


many thanks

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