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why context help behaves differently while in run mode compare to edit mode

Hi all,


I found that slight behavioural changes in 'context help' window.

I am having 3 clusters one below the other (all are transperent), in which 2 clusters are indicators and another one is control.

The cluster which one is a control, is the frontmost object on the front panel.

I have assigned description for each objects(control/indicators), inside the clusters.

In edit mode if i move the cursor on any objects in any cluster, the description is appearing properly in the context help window.

But, same thing is not happening in run mode. It is always taking the description of the frontmost object.


Is there any way to overcome from this, so that in run mode also i can expect same result as in edit mode. 


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Hi all,


here i am attaching the sample VI pls go through it, and do the needful.



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