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what's faster: "i/o assistant" or "basic visa VIs"

Hi experts,

could you tell me if using the I/O assistant results in a speed advantage during execution of program compared to using sub VI's that contain the basis Visa read and write commands?

(In fact the basic visa VI version works already, but if i get a speed advantage i'm ready to try to make it work with the I/O assistant)

Thanks a lot
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Using the I/O Assistant you could create a vi easier than if you do it "manually", but you have to have a connection to the device.
In the end, the Assistant does not more than use basic vis in a subvi.
Just have a test - create some tasks using the I/O-Assistant and then have a look at the vi which is created (right-click the express vi and select "Open front panel".
I don't know which way is faster when running, but doing it on your own is much more flexible. If you use the Assistant you also may have to modify the created vi to meet your needs - that's why I have not used the Assistant up to now.
Using LV8.0
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You're probably not going to see any speed increase unless there are problems with your code.

The IIOA is supposed to make it easier to communicate with instruments by using a wizard and generating the code behind the scenes. Since it does everything, it will also do the opening and closing each time, which will also take time. You can open once at the beginning and close once at the end.

You can see the code created by the IIOA by right clicking the express VI after configuring it and selecting Open Front Panel. Note that the code is messy because it is generated automatically.

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Ok, thanks for your answers. I'll stay with the manual VIs. Bye
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Furthering the recommendation of the manual VIs. 
Much more flexible and some amount of satisfaction creating it on your own.
Good luck!
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