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what is this?

Thank you very much!

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@SteveChandler wrote:

aeastet, what do you use to get those screenshots? The only program I know of is Jing but it requires an account. Is there something else that does not?

I use Greenshot.  No need to edit a full screen capture.



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No problem

@j49sun wrote:

Thank you very much!


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Thanks. I will give Greenshot a.... shot. What I like about Jing is that it can do video capture. Apparently Greenshot does not. Does anyone know of something free that can capture video? I hope nobody minds me hijacking this thread since the question was answered. Smiley Very Happy

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hey sorry to bother you again, but what if I want to stop during an iteration? I tried making a local variable but that will still have to wait until all codes are ran.

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You would need a different archetecture since loops MUST have an integer number of iterations.  


It is likely that your code can be reworked into a better design pattern that would be able to "abort" an "active cycle".  but we need to know more specifics and see what you have to start from.  Upload your code so far.


Steve- probably time to start a new thread the OP is back and looking for a better solution

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@SteveChandler wrote:

Does anyone know of something free that can capture video?

Jing may require an account, but it is free. And you can upload the videos to Screencast directly from inside Jing.

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dont worry about the outest sequence structure. and stop accumulation is my stop button.

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Your use of sequence structures is an incredibly bad design choice. You simply cannot exit a sequence early. Each and every frame must execute. That is just one of the reasons that using a stacked sequence structure is not recomended. Look at the examples for state machines. It will require a bit of rework but you will be better off in the long run.


p.s. You also have a lot of local variables. Look into eliminating those as well.

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Dittos - 

I suspected that the desing pattern choice was at fault and bang- there it is.  A classic case for the argument in favor of a standard state machine over the dreaded stacked sequence structure.  Luckilly the project doesn't look too intimidating to refactor. 


One quick tip- if you add a queue with the case selector type def as one of its data elements and any data you want displayed to the user you can avoid almost all Locals by having an "Update FP case"Smiley Wink

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