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web server problem

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I am trying to control front panels of RT target VI's remotely.I had followed all the steps from the following link:


But i am getting the following error:

Make sure labVIEW webserver is enabled on specified server


Can anybody suggest some idea to rectify this problem..... I had tried giving both port numbers 80 and 8000.But i am still getting the same error.Please help me as quick as possible

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The server administrator must enable the LabVIEW Web Server. Also, verify that the Server IP Address and Port you entered in the Connect to Remote Panel dialog box are correct.

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I had given the port address as 8000 and then I tried with 80.The IP address I gave was the system's IP address.I even tried using the IP address of myRIO when it is connected to USB cable( tried using the same procedure without using myRIO.I was able to control the front panel in the web browser.When I followed the same steps using myRIO,I am facing problems.Please help me.Smiley IndifferentSmiley Sad

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Accepted by topic author riah1920
03-16-2018 05:08 AM

I did a mistake in giving the IP address....Now I am able to get successful results.Thankyou all for your kind replySmiley Happy

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